More ethereal, mystical and elusive than the Grail, or a parking space on match day, INSPIRATION can strike at odd times and places.

If possible it will strike you when you are sleeping in the bath at 2am in the middle of a desert with no access to writing materials.

Two sources of INSPIRATION which need to be widely spread are

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art’ speech which can be found here…


Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk ‘The Art of Asking’ which can be found here…

You are probably already aware of both but, they are worth re-watching again and again.

Their Twitter feeds are pretty feel-good too! @neilhimself @amandapalmer

My own inspiration has seen me start writing fiction this year. Lots of ideas that have been floating around in my head for some years, gestating, morphing from role playing ideas into something much more complete and rounded.

So far I’ve submitted three short stories and had two accepted for publication. A good percentage so far. Neither out yet but on the way.

‘Sweeter Porridge’ for Fringeworks’ Grimm and Grimmer anthology series.


‘Vermin’ for Grinning Skull Press’ B Movie inspired anthology.

I am also writing a novel. (Isn’t everyone?) It will be a World War One / Lovecraft story, provisionally entitled ‘Legacy’, that has taken on a life of it’s own. The backstory, not in the novel, goes right back to George I.

Also kicking around in the background is a supernatural murder mystery and a sea based fantasy. Plus all the half finished shorts and countless notes that should keep me busy for some time to come.

Then there’s the photography and photo-manipulation that I haven’t looked at for some time.

The header image on this blog is mine. I’ll try to post some of my other work soon.

Right! Back to ‘Legacy’.

Be seeing you….


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