Find your voice

I have found that it’s fairly essential in life to find your own voice, and then to use it in some way to express yourself.

Your voice may not necessarily be a verbal expression. It could be painting, crochet, model making, cooking, gardening or even writing. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we do it, that we follow the need to express ourselves in some way. If we don’t we become solitary, wandering figures, lost in the crowd, muted by the ever increasing banal babble that fills our world.

We can become lost whilst trying to be everything for everyone in our lives, and we end up becoming nothing to ourselves. Being a partner, a parent, a sibling, a son or daughter or an employee or employer all have their place in our lives, but they cannot become our lives completely. If they do, we lose what makes us us, and without that we cannot be all the other things we need to be with any great success.

So, we have to give ourselves the time to switch off, relax and recharge, and our creative pursuits, whatever they may be, help us do this. Without them we are less than our whole and potentially voiceless in the ever increasing and overwhelming noise of the bland.

My voice is a mixture of words and pictures. I haven’t created anything visual for a while now. The pictures in my head are currently coming out as words on a page. Although some may say my handwriting could be seen as a form of abstract art.

However it’s viewed I am creating something and at the same time escaping and relaxing. I produce pieces of art with no expectations of anyone liking them. If they do then it’s a bonus. If the art sells, then extra bonus.

I’m doing it for myself and I am becoming much more relaxed because of it.

I am becoming myself again.

So, find your voice and shout loudly that you are somebody. Whether you shout it to the world or just to yourself is not important. Just as long as you do shout, that you do give yourself time to express yourself creatively.

It’s good for your soul and revitalises your spirit.

So go find your voice and be creative.

You deserve it.



PS (post script).

Or should that be SP (shameless plug)?

I seem to have so much voice at the moment that I’ve written a guest post at Everyday Folk.

This is a site that promotes the positive, thanking those who give good service, are friendly or generous. It celebrates the nice people we meet.

Take a look at the other posts there as well. They will make you feel good.

And follow its creator @14NC on Twitter. She’s rather nice too.



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