Fair Change. A free (very) short story

A little something for you to enjoy.


Fair Change


Walking along Southsea seafront with my brother, following the coloured lights on the promenade. Ahead, the funfair lighting up the late summer evening sky, the sun setting beyond. Screams from people enjoying the rides, the mixed sounds of music and arcade games carried on the wind along with the tempting smell of fish and chips.

I looked up at the cloudless sky as Pete twitched suddenly. The full moon had just appeared above the horizon behind us.

“Now? Really?” I said

“Sorry” Pete rasped as he pulled at his shirt. He staggered forward, almost falling. Tourists skirted by us at the edge of the pavement, assuming drunkenness.

I picked up his shirt as he scratched at the hair sprouting from his back. He kicked off his shoes before they got ruined in his continuing transformation.

We’d got as far as the hovercraft terminal when Pete doubled over in pain, his arms starting to shorten, his face changing. People around us scattered and ran. I dragged him to one side as he yanked off his jeans. He rolled onto his back, his legs contorting, his stomach expanding, his face stretching, widening. Sharp teeth showed themselves between his newly shaped lips. The transformation complete, he rolled onto all fours and ran off in the direction of the fair.

Sighing, I packed his clothes into my bag and followed the were-hamster towards the Ferris wheel.         


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