Tiredness and the part time writer


That feeling that eats into you when you want to write.

Sometimes you can work through it, knowing that a lay in awaits you the next morning. Sometimes you have to give in, knowing work lurks behind the alarm, waiting to pounce on your befuddled mind.

It’s all part of the balancing act of family / work / writing / other stuff that seems to cause me so much grief.

Our two year old is a bit under the weather and appears between and my pregnant partner in our bed during the night to fidget and flail wildly in her sleep. Her seven year old brother and five year old sister are awake most mornings between five and six every morning. We are currently tidying, organising and decorating for the new arrival.

Work is…. well…. work. I deal with the public and not all of them are pleasant. Strong coffee and chocolate gets me through. 

For the last three to four weeks I’ve given in to the tiredness. I have stories I want to write. I have stories I want to type up and edit. But they have fallen foul of the ‘can’t be bothered’ monster that hides inside my head.

I have aims for this year. I want to submit a short story every month. January and February are done. The story for submission in March is ready to go. I was that far ahead of myself by mid January. I got half way through typing and editing Aprils before giving in.

There are no deadlines, so there is no outside pressure to do anything.

 ‘Sweeter Porridge’ has a new provisional publication date of between October and December 2014.Thanks to www.fringeworks.co.uk for keeping in touch. having read their blog they seem to back on track, which is good.

Other than short stories I now have a few ideas forming for children’s picture books, mostly triggered by things my eldest daughter has said.

I’m also trying to research life in World War one trenches. Horrific moments interspersing lengthy periods of routine and boredom.

My ‘aim’ is to get a full first draft completed by the end of the year. We’ll have to see, I guess.

Anyway, I’m off for a nap……. 


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