Feeling creative…

…. in all kind of ways.

I’ve been looking through old notebooks and discovering long forgotten ideas.

Some are easily dismissed. Others are crying out for action.

If I can get past the tiredness (see my last blog) I’ll set upon them and push through to completion.

A short poem, inspired by a four line song lyric that came to me in a dream, (I woke up singing it!), is demanding a picture, dark and disturbing, to be presented upon. I may need a model with curvy hips!

A couple of ideas for t-shirt designs, geeky sf things, that, if they come to fruition, I’ll post here.

I have a gift to make for a friend that will involve some planning and Lego.

I’m still working on short stories and still on course for one submission a month.

‘Legacy’ keeps changing. I’m trying to settle on an opening and I think I’ve got it right , In my head at least. Nothing on paper yet.

I’ve also thrown an idea to a friend for a novel we could work on together. This has no timescale as we both have lives to live. I’m currently doodling maps and scribbling ideas for it.

 With new ideas popping up at random (see my previous blog ‘Inspiration’) I’m not going to be stuck for things to do.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do stuff!


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