Dots – a Lovecraftian Short Story

A great story from a good friend.


^^D A little short story to brighten (or maybe not…) your Tuesday morning.


By CJ Waller

It all started with a dot.

Just a dot, on my wall.

Nothing more.


I’m not much of a housekeeper – bit of a lazy sod in that field, to be honest – but it bugged me. So, last week, I decided to clean it off. I had to clamber on a chair to reach it. I remember spraying disinfectant and wiping it away, and the satisfaction that came with it. Gone. No more dot.

But the next morning, there it was. Small, circular, dark. And it had brought a friend. Two tiny dots, sitting side by side.

No one else could see them, not unless I pointed them out. But I knew they were there, and that was enough. They gnawed at me, taunting me. So a day later, I fished…

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