Predator X Unleashed!

My friend Claire has been published again!
This is a great story.
Please consider following the links and buying it.



My latest novel, Predator X, is out NOW!

Published by Severed Press, it is currently ebook only, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. A paperback version will follow soon.

Much thanks go to Jane Colebrook for deciphering my scrawl when typing up my first draft and David Rozzell for his proofreading and gaping-plot-hole-detection wizardry.

The darkness out there is finally seeping in here. I can feel it. It’s like damp. It rises. Rises through you until there’s no light left.

When deep level oil fracking uncovers a vast subterranean sea, a crack team of cavers and scientists are sent down to investigate.
Upon their arrival, they disappear without a trace.
A second team, including sedimentologist Dr Megan Stoker, are ordered to seek out Alpha Team and report back their findings. But Alpha team are nowhere to be found – instead, they are faced with something unexpected…

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