Catching up….

First off, our new baby girl arrived 6 May. 🙂

Mum and daughter are both well. 

Many thanks to all the Midwives involved. They were all wonderful, supportive and caring. There are not enough of them, so support the NHS whenever you can.

I have another week or so off work to be with my beautiful family. I’m enjoying every minute of it, even the lack of sleep.


Writing (and pretty much everything else) has taken a back seat the last few weeks but I’m now getting back into the mood to create.

Legacy is being typed and expanded. Short stories are still coming, although a little slower.

I had my first rejection of the year last week. That story will go off somewhere else this month.

All the other bits and pieces I mentioned before are in stasis for now.

I feel like I’m in first gear, just moving off and ready to accelerate again. 


In other news, my friend Claire has had amazing success with her novel Predator X.

I’m so happy everything is going well for her.

She’s on here as adarkwhimsey and on Twitter @adarkwhimsey. Pop by and say hello. She’s a bit bonkers but generally harmless.


Lastly, the lovely Brie is still promoting the positive at Take a look and read some nice things for a change.


Be seeing you…….


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