It’s never ok…

A friend of mine makes a stand for a child being physically threatened by her mother.
Because it’s never ok……


It’s never ok to physically threaten your child (or anyone else’s for that matter).

I’ve wondered for the last few hours if I should even write about this anywhere. I worry that someone might read it & recognise who I am writing about. That it might get back to them. That I might have to look over my shoulder…

What is the big deal?

I wasn’t prepared to stand by and say nothing as I watched a parent verbally and physically intimidate and threaten their child…

I was in a playground with a very trusted, much loved friend and our children playing nearby. For over an hour we had listened to shouted & screamed commands and watched arms grabbed & kids yanked or pushed about…

And then I watched a child already frightened, clearly distressed & sobbing, pushed to a seat and screamed at and heard the words “I am…

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