The Word Cloud

The Word Cloud is an online writing community.

After many months of being signed up to The Word Cloud I eventually started looking and interacting.

After some consideration I recently posted the first 2300 words of ‘Legacy’ for critique.
It’s pretty much as I typed it from the handwritten original. It’s rough and ‘sketched’ in places but I decided to leave it as was and see what kind of reaction I would get.

A lot of people have viewed and hopefully read my post.
Several have been kind enough to take the time to give their thoughts, ideas and corrections.

Some of what has been said now strikes me as obvious. It wasn’t when I was writing, and wasn’t until I read the comments.

I have been nudged in the direction of expanding what I’ve written to give more detail and to ‘show’ as well as ‘tell’.

Other remarks have sparked further ideas which I will try to expand upon throughout the story.

That’s the great thing about this site. It gives you a chance to place your work in front of people with no preconceptions of what you’re writing to give critique from a completely impartial position.

I haven’t yet finished re-working the 2300 words I posted but I have added over 800 words to the page and changed roughly half of what’s left!

Thanks to those who have given their advice and ideas so far.

If anyone is looking for constructive criticism and friendly feedback on their writing then you could do worse than take a look at The Word Cloud.

I’m sure you’ll be warmly welcomed.


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