Mediocre Failures

The education system in this country is going downhill more rapidly than before. Unfortunately many parents believe they have no options when it comes to education and just go along with a system imposed by Oxbridge graduates who have inherited their position and wealth.
These morons have no sense of who they are supposed to represent. They say they care and try to produce statistics to show it, but children are not statistics, they are individual people with individual needs. And their needs are not being met.
It’s happening across the board in all public service departments, not just education. But by controlling and labelling children almost from birth as ‘failures’, as someone who ‘will not do well’, as someone who ‘doesn’t fit in’, as a ‘problem’, this government and it’s predecessors have ensured a generation of people who do not question the status quo because they feel they can’t change anything, that their voices really don’t matter, while those in power have ground out a favourable position for themselves and their friends on the backs of this county’s future.
The surge towards smaller parties recently is a good thing, but how many people at the end of the day will vote for them. How many will vote for one big party just so the others don’t get in.
This May vote with your hearts, vote for what you believe in, whatever it may be, and maybe we’ll start to see a change for the better in this county’s politics.
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Disappointed Idealist

My children are adopted. They were adopted at the ages of three, four and six. As with nearly all children adopted in this country over the last couple of decades, this means that their early life experiences were pretty terrible. As each was born, their collective experience of life became more damaging, as their circumstances worsened. So the eldest is least affected as her first years were perhaps less difficult experiences, while the youngest is most affected, as her entire first two years of life were appalling. I’m not going to go into detail here about their specific early life experiences, but if you want to read up on the sort of effects which can result from serious neglect or abuse, then you could read this .

Why am I writing this ? Especially now after midnight in the middle of the Easter holidays ? It’s because I’m so angry I…

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