Goodbyes are hard

The last couple of months have been full of goodbyes of one sort or another, some personal and some not.

On the not so personal side are the deaths of Christopher Lee, Ron Moody and Patrick Macnee. I never knew them, never met them but they played a large part in my life through their fantastic body of work.

Inspirations, each one. Sadly missed and fondly remembered.

On the personal side of things an uncle and aunt, my mother’s brother and sister, died within eight weeks of each other. A double blow to my mum, now the last of her family.

And a friend in a foreign land, lost far too early to cancer.

We had stayed connected through Facebook, swapping silly Star Wars posts and other geeky stuff.

And then he was gone, without a meaningful word for some time.

The last goodbye was to a wonderful family from the U.S. They stayed a year in the U.K. and on Friday they flew home, leaving happy memories and a space in so many people’s hearts.

There were hugs and tears and fun and laughter at our last meeting. We will stay in touch and with more than just stupid stuff on Facebook.

It’s taken all these goodbyes to remind me that everything we do is so fleeting and fragile and that we need to hold tight to those who mean something to us, to not take our loved ones for granted.

Hug them today, and everyday.


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